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Why Reach Out?

In order for UK grown hemp products to become a reality, we need to work together. Each of our six main activity areas (see here) are complicated and will require the collective input of many different people if significant progress is to be made.

We want farmers growing and experimenting with hemp. We want academics and engineers informing the design and construction of processing possibilities. We want entrepreneurs to start hemp businesses and existing businesses to buy & sell hemp products. We also want to provide a platform for hemp enthusiasts to post their ideas, publish their written work and contribute to the UK hemp movement.

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Whether you are looking for information about UK hemp, would like to see how you can get involved or have information that you think may be of use, we would love to hear from you. Our team are on hand to provide information and connect you with similarly minded people.

Please provide as much detail as possible so that we have an accurate picture of what it is you are looking for. If possible, please summarise your query in the subject heading, so that your request can be processed efficiently.

Please provide as much detail as possible.