UK Hemp Association
Industrial and Commercial Development of UK Hemp

UK Hemp Association

Industrial & Commercial Development of UK Hemp


Our Mission

The UK Hemp Association (UKHA) was founded in 2017 with the aim of contributing to a sustainable UK economy through the industrial and commercial development of the agricultural crop Cannabis Sativa - more commonly known as Hemp.

The environmental, social and economic benefits of hemp are well documented and yet, the UK has been slow to make use of the opportunities presented. The UKHA is spearheading a movement to overcome the technical & infrastructural obstacles that have inhibited hemp industries from flourishing in the UK, against a backdrop of success in other developed nations.

Why UK Hemp?

Despite its negative public image today, hemp has a strong history of being grown and used in the UK. Today, there are some 50,000 end uses for hemp, which can be broadly grouped into four main categories: food, fuel, construction and textiles.

In addition, growing hemp & switching to hemp products will have a positive environmental impact. Able to rejuvenate the soil it grows in, hemp needs neither pesticides nor fertilisers to flourish and, coming from a strong genetic pool, has cultivars suitable for dry, wet, warm and cold climates - and combinations thereof.


Why use up the forests, which were centuries in the making, and the mines, which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?
— Henry Ford


Areas of Activity


The hemp scene in the UK has been quiet for some time. The UKHA presents an opportunity for those with an interest in hemp to make themselves known and to network, collaborate and work with other interested parties for the mutual benefit of all.



Processing hemp in the UK has, until now, been almost completely forgotten. Domestic processing of hemp crops is an essential part of reviving this chain of production that could see UK-grown hemp sold in domestic markets - the economic potential of which is staggering. The UKHA hopes to pool investment for a comprehensive conveniently-located UK hemp processing plant.


Once one of the UK's most cultivated crops, hemp experienced rapid decline in the 19th century. Much has changed since then. Technological, environmental & political developments have created new markets for this ancient crop. We're working with farmers to begin sowing the seeds of a more sustainable economy.

Awareness & Marketing

Publishing & promoting the benefits of hemp using modern marketing channels will undoubtedly bolster the efforts of the UKHA and its partners with the effect of enrolling mainstream support for the hemp movement. The UKHA has specialist expertise in the marketing of hemp products and helps hemp businesses to market themselves effectively.


By far the most lucrative and promising aspect of the UK hemp movement is the introduction of hemp products to mainstream consumers. With 50,000 product possibilities covering 4 main commercial markets, hemp is already taking off in several developed nations and holds huge potential with UK consumers.

Education & Lobbying

Arguably the biggest challenge facing the re-establishment of hemp industries in the UK is the circulation of misinformation in the media, culture and politics that has condemned this innocuous plant. The UKHA works to elucidate the facts, press for policy reform and encourage debate on the issues of public health, environmental protection and re-structuring the economy.


Make the most of the hemp seed and sow it everywhere
— George Washington

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